Monday, January 16, 2006


Welcome everyone,Good Day, Honestely i dunno what to write now. I'm now at the office ,started in this department just 5 days ago,previously i was in Development & Delivery team,now in CIO department as Business Analyst.people are fantastic here.My manager is really a nice man but always busy.I'm enjoying the quit period in the office now.have to learn a lot in this job.i shouldn't blog during office hour here after, it's still not clear what project i'll be given.i'm planning to ask something involved with our country companies,HCL is doing some project i guess, but not sure what they are doing.I dunno why i'm like this always surfing net,orkutting,reading magazines,following cricket via cricinfo. i know what i'm doing is not a good work ethics but can't help it.when i think back i always finish my job in time(Good excuse isn'it).i do all that only when i don't have anything(dei don't justify your vetti velai).But some one said you can as busy as you want at work ,i guess i need some motivation.