Friday, February 17, 2006

Instant Energy

I'm gonna talk about how i get instant enegy(nope,i'm not talking about any energy drinks available in the market ). On 28/07/2002 i boarded my flight to AUS to pursue my higher studies.Day before that (my birthday) i saw my mum writing something. When i was about to leave airport my mom gave that paper to me .I didn't realise the value of it by then.i just read that and smiled at her.I folded that paper and kept it in my suitcase.10 days after landing in AUS,i went through all the problems(accomodation,Food,Life style,Friends(i'm takling about real ,trustworthy friends,climate) that overseas student could face.One day when i was really down and was searching something in my suitcase, i happened to find that paper which my mom gave it to me.Hesitantly i started to read it again.Ohhh my god i couldn't believe the amount of energy that whole body felt after reading it.Thanks to my mom for reminding those words and thanks to the great work of two sensational genious in the history. Do you guys wanna know what those words are...Here it is.

எண்ணிய முடிதல் வேண்டும்
நல்லவே எண்ணல்
திண்ணிய நெஞ்சம்
தெளிந்த நல்லறிவு வேண்டும்;
பண்ணிய பாவ மெல்லாம்
பரிதிமுன் பனியேபோல;
நண்ணிய நின்முன் இங்கு
நசித்திடல் வேண்டும் அன்னாய்;

குடிசெய்வல் என்னும் ஒருவற்குத் தெய்வம்
மடிதற்றுத் தான்முந்துறும்.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Photo session with my CEO

Photo session with my CEO and my fellow Engineers and Business grads.
Find me if you can.

Wealthiest man on earth

Who is the wealthiest man on earth rite now as i'm writing this Blog?Forbes magazine says it's Mr.Bill Gates.Let me tell you guys a true story that my mom told me when i went to India last time.

This guy(aged 12), i don't remember his name,let's call him as Hero.Hero lived with his family consists of 4 members.Dad,Mom and his younger bro .His family is a typical migrated family living in Tirupur. Hero coudln't continue his study after migrating to Tirupur due to money and livelihood problems .So our hero started to work in a local garment company(don't ask me any questions about child labour here),life was smooth,he went to work during the day,played with his friends during week end and some rare evenings.I was told that our hero is a very obedient guy,Every pay day once he get's his salary he used to give everything to his mom it day when he was working he had severe head ache so he came back to house and told his mom.Mom gave him a coffee and some medicine(God knows what that is).After a month or so,this head ache became regular routine in his life.Once this head ache comes and that's it. he can't do anything in that day. multiply migraine type of head ache by 5 times.that's the intensity of his head ache.So this had some impact on his work place,his boss was not happy coz he has to give salary for the day if our hero leaves home due to sick.So boss fired him from the job.So hero became jobless.But his head ache still tortured him.his mom took him to some priest to do some stupid thing(in tamil it's called Manthirakarathu).

Our hero started his job hunting .No company was ready to offer him a job due to Child labour law.Hero was really worried about livilihood issues surrounding his family.So he stepped up his job search but there wasn't any luck.worried hero decided to help his family at any he went to Chennai Silks (This happened during Depavali season) and started doing loading and unloading job(in Tamil Mootai thukarathu) and promptly gave the little money that he earned to his mom.Life wasn't that much smooth,head ache was still there.This time mom took him to the local Dr. Dr advised that he needs to see our hero's Scan report.poor mom didn't bother about it went back to Priest again.

Our hero was given over time work during deepavali season,head ache became a frequent visitor.One fine day while he was playing with his friends he had this head ache again, This time it's more severe pain. Our hero collapsed on the scene and people took him to hospital.Dr told his family that he's counting his hours due to brain tumour.After few hours our hero left this world to live in peace.I'm sure our hero is in heaven if there is one.

Coming back to the topic of this post,I can't accept any one as wealthiest man in the world when ever i think about our hero.I don't know why?