Thursday, March 16, 2006

Day out with my CIO

I used to think that my CIO is coming to office for just to attend high level corporate meetings .I don't know how I developed this kind of thinking coz when ever I see him in his office(I can clearly see him from my desk)he'll be either talking to someone or listening to someone.If the board out side his office says he's OUT then if we check his calender, it'll probably say one of the following, Meeting with CEO,Meeting with CMG,Meeting with other corporate CIO's,Meeting with CFO or some Conference and so on.
I happened to spend my half day with him on March 1st .We both were involved in a project, showcasing IT capability of Victoria.That's during Commonwealth games.We had this meeting in the city on March 1st at 2.30 Pm,he was kind enough to offer me a lift to the city .He said to me that he's gonna catch up with some consultant in the city and they are gonna have a lunch .He asked me about my plans,I said to him that i'll meet him at 2.15 pm in Collins Place . You gonna explore the city are you? that was his instant reply .Everything was arranged,we left our office at 12 Pm, It took 45 mins for us to reach city.My whole perception about him and his job changed within that 45 mins,Boyyy i can't imagine the level of problems that he's facing as a CIO. He talked about the problems that he's facing in Budjet expenditure, Information Mgmt,ERP ,Telco system etc etc.(i can't elaborate here coz of Corporate ethics, he he).
We reached the city at 12.45 pm, we were lucky enough to find parking in some building(i guess Parking will become lucrative business in the future especially in India).Consultant was already waiting for him.He went with him to some restaurant.I took a train from parliament station and went to Melbourne Central station and had my lunch in one of the Indian restaurant, I had tomoto rice with chicken,hmm well, actually it's called chicken briyani here in this part of the world.After lunch I took train from Melbourne Central station to Parliament Station.Public transport in Melbourne is fantastic.

(One of the Escalators in Melbourne Central Station)

Many people who travelled all arround the world told me thisYou have the following modes of transport ,Train,Tram,Bus,Free City Circle trams.Once you buy a daily,weekly,monthly or 2 hr ticket, you can use your ticket in all modes of transport..Melbourne is very well (100%) planned city.Guess i have to post something about Melbourne City later.Anyway coming back to the point,I got down at Parliament station and went to Collins place.I just love this place,it's so colour full.

( Collins Place)

There were lotsa empty chairs on the other side of the collins space. I had a good 25 mins to spend in between,i settled in one of those chairs with coffee which i bought it from near by shop.I saw one white bloke struggling to do something in his girl friend face with his lips. he was trying to kiss her i guess,his height wasn't helping him much and yeah ,his girl friend 5 inch heels wasn't helping his purpose either.I guess there is only 2 options left for this poor chap, his gf shouldn't wear any heels and should bend down a bit when he's trying to kiss her or he should find another girl,preferably a short one.

There were lotsa pretty girls going in and arround that place but they are no way near to our pretty Coimbatore girls(should i say Tamilnadu girls or Indian Girls??).Few minitues later, I saw my CIO coming out from other side and i went and joined with him.


senthil natarajan said...

public transprt in melbourne... you reckon man it is one of the best!!!

ambi said...

another good post.
that kissing matter, RoTFL :)
and ur suggestion is too hilarouus..
First time here...

Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

@Senthil:ipoo puthu trains Siemens la iruthu vanki viturugangada.

@Ambi:Thanks for your visit and comments.

வேதா said...

hi gopal,
melbourne pics ellam pottu ellareyum verupethareenga. jus more pics, so that naanga osiyile suthi paatha thrupthiyavathu irukkum.
/that kissing matter, RoTFL :)/
hi, ungaluuku etha madhiri matter ellam podraru, inime adikadi inga vanthuruveengale:)

Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

Thanks for your visit and comments.

Shuba said...

Hey it always happens...Big thalais havve big probs in their thalais...And the business visit decp was cool...Thakkali sadam with chick...what a taste yaar...nuu nenachu paatha adutha sec...u clarified its chic briyaani...And no comments on second last para...but i do agree your side with the last para.

Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

@Shuba:why no comments on second last para?;)